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Testimonial from Matt Rowntree

Do you want to learn how to have a Fix and Flip business where you are the boss? How would you like to have a line forming of happy customers while you increase your personal income? This is what our coach has been able to do for his own family, and for his coaching clients. If this idea aligns with your own real estate goals, submit your information to see if you would be a fit for our coaching program.

At Savior Realty Academy, we do not run with the crowd. Our coaching program does not try to compete with other coaching programs, and it is very selective. We are ONLY looking for people that want to start the type of ethical business that grows and stands out in the community. We do not want you to be given information on how to start your own company, only to have it sit on your desk unused. Your coach, Max Keller, seeks to partner with coaching clients who are extremely motivated. We search for the top 1% of people who truly strive for EXCELLENCE. If your goal is simply to learn how to flip real estate when the market is good, or if real estate is only a small part of your life journey, feel free to give us a call and we will refer you to reputable resources to help you get the information that will best fit your needs.

Do you want to flip a house, or start a business that runs even when you are not around?

This is not a pipe dream, but it also is not easy. Let me repeat, not easy. What do we all have that we cannot make more of? Time. How are you going to use you 1,440 minutes a day? You could be dreaming, talking, and making excuses or you could be doing, planning, training, taking action. Savior Realty Academy will teach you how to create, run, and grow a business that fits your goals and your schedule. Wouldn’t it be nice to go on vacation and come back with more money in your pocket then when you left? It can be done but you need the following ingredients:

1. Strong desire to improve your situation

2. Mindset of skill development

3. Framework “roadmap” to acquire the information and skills you are currently missing

4. Consistent daily action plan that rolls up to your weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and life goals.

Wouldn’t it feel great to help people and make a great income? Fill out your information today so we can answer your questions.

Would you like to learn how to do this?

Grand Prairie, TX - Before

Grand Prairie, TX - After

Grand Prairie, TX - Before

Grand Prairie, TX - After

Hurst, TX - Before

Hurst, TX - After

Happy Customers

Savior Realty Academy goals for the Fix and Flip training program:

Increase the number of rehabs you can complete in year one.

Decrease the amount of time it takes to learn key skills.

Eliminate the fear that can keep you from achieving your goals.

Accelerate your business growth.

Sustain your progress and help keep you on track as you move along this journey.


1. Increase the number of rehabs you complete in year one from zero to TWO (2) fix and flips: $25,000 gross profit per flip = $50,000 gross profit!!!

2. Decrease the time to learn key skills. On your own, let's say it would take you 10 hours a week, or 500 hours a year, for three years to learn the skills and knowledge we teach in this program. That would be 1,500 hours over a three-year period. If your time is currently worth $25 an hour this would be $37,500 worth of your time. Time, the only resource we cannot get more of. Will you look back on your life and say you spent your time taking action and invested in your dreams?

3. Eliminate fear and non-action that comes from not knowing what the next step is. Fear, worry, and uncertainty can waste 2 hours or more per day. 2 hours per day, 365 days a year for three years = 2,190 wasted hours. At $25 per hour = $54,750 in lost opportunity.

4. Accelerate your business growth. The goal for this program is to help you acquire the skills to complete FOUR (4) projects in your second year, and SIX (6) projects in year three. At $25,000 in gross profit per deal this equals = $250,000. These numbers are not easy but for our top students would be very conservative.

5. Sustain your progress and help keep you on track. You want someone that can help you along the way, not someone who will stop taking your calls when the class is over.

When you finished your 9th grade math class, did your 10th grade teacher say “Well, you had a math teacher last year, so this year you should be just fine on your own.” NO! Coach Keller knows first hand the value in continuing to learn from teachers and coaches - before growing a real estate business, he was a top-ranked Junior High Coach and Math teacher!

There will be times you feel like “throwing in the towel.” Fixing and Flipping Real Estate can be very difficult. It can also be very rewarding financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Who will you trust to be your mentor and advisor? When something unexpected comes up, who will you call? You can work with someone online who has pictures of luxury houses and fast cars, or you can choose someone who focuses on satisfied customers, giving back to the community, while building a growing business. One choice is not right or wrong, but think about this. Warren Buffett said, “When the tide goes out, you can see who has been skinny dipping.” Right now there are people all over the internet who claim to be “Cracking the code,” “Ninja,” “Quick and easy,” “Killing it,” and on and on. Do your research and make the best decision for you and your family. That is the advice we give to all of our house, remodeling, and foundation customers, and especially our coaching students.

Coaching Student Goals Breakdown

• Increase flips to 2 in year 1 = $50,000

• Decrease time to learn skills = $37,500

• Eliminate fear = $54,750

• Accelerate growth = $250,000

• Sustain Progress = Priceless

Three Year Value Total = $392,250

Or, $130,750 per year.

Disclaimer: These results are goals and projections not guarantees. No one can guarantee you success. In order to achieve success you will have use your natural talents and gifts and learn new skills. Then you will have to use these skills in the marketplace while many other people are trying to do the same thing. If you are looking for no money down, no work, easy money program, this is not it. If you are willing to work hard and follow our roadmap, read on.

Now, if you already make more than $130,750 a year, are your own boss, and directly profit from increases in your work and skill advancement, then perhaps this may not be the right fit for you.

Keep in mind, too, that results may vary depending on your dedication, your individual market, etc. But if you are consistent, apply this curriculum, and develop new skills, there is no doubt that you will be successful in learning valuable skills and how to apply these skills. The only question is, “will you do the work needed?

About Your Coach

Coach Keller - Results

• Increased flips from ZERO (0) to SIX (6) in first year (and 6 months of that year, he was only part time in real estate!)

• Decreased the amount of time it look to learn new skills from 5 years to only 2 years. Set up FOUR (4) profitable companies during this time.

• Eliminated fear by being a member, teacher, and consultant in 3 invitation only masterminds. Has flown all over the US and overseas to work with the top real estate experts.

• Accelerated growth by investing in computer systems, people, processes, marketing, branding, content marketing, design, staging, starting FOUR (4) companies. Completed TWENTY FOUR (24) fix and flip deals in 2nd year with a team of THREE (3) employees.

• Sustaining progress by always pushing the limits, reading two business books every month, planning each 1,440 minute day in 15 minute increments. Currently a consultant and teaching in two masterminds, coached weekly by a former PWC consultant, speaker, radio guest, podcaster, and soon to be author.

We are not looking for students that want to “get rich quick” or make an “easy” $25K. Remember the old saying “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is?” Do your research before you spend your hard earned dollars on real estate coaching programs.

Real Estate is a very challenging business. You will be pushed and pulled in ways you never have been before. Real Estate transactions have a lot of zeros on them, which means that decisions have to be the right ones. I have gone from knowing very little about real estate to building 4 profitable real estate businesses in less than 3 years. It takes many different people and skills all working together to be successful. If you join the Savior Real Estate Academy, I am going to pull back the curtain on the deals we have done at Savior Realty and show you not only our successes, but also our mistakes. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes instead of learning just by trial and error. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from University of Texas in Austin and a Master’s degree in Teaching from Louisiana College. During my 5 year career in accounting and finance I hired, fired, and trained employees for a well known financial institution. I was also an Area Manager over 40 people. I served as a Senior Financial Analyst for a Fortune 500 company, and was the office leader for one of the largest staffing companies in the world. Here was the problem, I was not happy working in an office all day.

With encouragement from God and family, I pursued teaching and it was a home run decision. I found my natural gift. For 7 years I was a Coach and Junior High Math Teacher for a local public school. As a Coach, I led our team to a district championship my first year and helped 1000+ student athletes achieve their goals on the field and court. As a teacher, I was honored as the Rookie Teacher of the year out of over 150 new teachers. My students consistently earned among the highest test scores and my classroom held the highest growth rate in the entire school district. During my second year of teaching, I completed my Master’s degree and was invited to teach and coach as a part of the New Teacher Summer Academy. That year I also was asked to mentor student teachers who were in their final year of preparation to become classroom teachers.

In 2015 I was 100% sure I would teach for the rest of my life, but the job did not pay a lot. Have you ever had a job you loved but really needed/wanted to make more money?

I chose to become a full time Real Estate Investor for the opportunity to earn a higher income for my growing family and also fulfill my financial freedom dreams. When I started in Real Estate, my goal was actually not to be in it full time. My plan was to continue teaching and buy a few rental houses as investments for a secure retirement. Have you ever wanted to get rentals for retirement but didn’t have enough active (job) income left over to make big investments?

When I started rehabbing houses, I loved the way we made them look and the profits were even better than I anticipated. Bringing in more active income and making key investments has allowed our companies to give back to the community throughout the year. This is actually the most meaningful and enjoyable part of my work.

When I left teaching it was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. Teaching is part of my soul, not just a way to make another stream of income.

In my experience, I have seen people become teachers for one of FOUR (4) reasons:

1. Paycheck - they need to earn money or just teach for the money

2. Well off spouse or family - need something to do

3. Make a difference (Give back) to the life of a young person or adult

4. They are passionate about their subject area and love to talk about it (don't necessarily care if the students are interested in it.)

I am a big fan of teachers. There are teachers in my family. I coached my siblings as the oldest of 5 brothers and sisters. Teaching is in my blood. I have worked with some incredible teachers who have made a major impact and difference in the lives of real people. Everyone needs and deserves good teachers. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Michael Dell all had teachers who helped them!

Some Real Estate Coaches are not interested in going the extra mile for you. They just want to “rent out their brain” or knowledge as another stream of revenue so they can meet their personal financial goals. I have worked with teachers who really did not want to be working with students. They had to be there, and daily counted down the day until retirement.

I want YOU to gain the knowledge and skills you need to build the business of your dreams. I want to build a lifelong relationship with each of my students. My strongest gift in life has been learning new information, applying it quickly, and teaching it to others.

Here is my GUARANTEE - On the 30th day of us working together, if you are not satisfied with the value you are receiving, I will issue you a 100% full refund for the amount you have paid, you can go down the road. No questions asked, no catch. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are in love with the program and want to continue, we will do the hard work together and build out the roadmap for your own real estate business.

Would you like to Fix and Flip real estate for a living? Would you liked to be coached by someone who is succeeding in this business every day of the week?? Would you like to be coached by someone who has a teaching background and knows how to create curriculum, effectively teach the curriculum, and check for understanding?

There are a lot of great teachers who don't know anything about real estate, and likewise, there are many super successful real estate investors who simply are not good at teaching. I strive to be the best at both. I can't help you do 200 deals a year, I have never done that before. But what I have done is build multiple profitable real estate business that serve our community, our customers, and the Lord. If this is what you want to do, go ahead and give us a call and fill out your information so we can see if this is the right opportunity for you.

Questions for my Future Students


1. Why do you want to fix and flip real estate?

2. What would it feel like to have more control of your income?

3. What are your goals? Are they realistic?

4. Do you want to build wealth? Not just wealth for your family, but generational wealth? How are you going to do it?

5. How do you measure success? What will you do when you reach your goals?

6. Do you have the time and desire to dedicate to building a real estate business? How much of each do you have?

7. How specific are your goals? Do you know exactly what you want, and in what time frame?


1. What makes you different from ALL the other real estate investors that fix and flip properties?

2. Who is your target customer?


1. How will you acquire properties that need fixing up?

2. How many properties do you need to find?

Your Cost and Offering

1. Why would a motivated seller call you to help to them?


1. How will you know if you can help your customer?

2. What kind of customers/situations are the best fit for both parties?

1. How will you analyze the value of a home and estimate repair costs?

2. What is a good deal for the customer?

3. What is a good deal for you?

4. Why will they choose you?

Good Business


1. How are you going to pay for the houses you purchase?

2. What type of financing options are available to you? What is a fair price to pay for financing?

1. Do you know how to create a scope of work (every step, big and small, for a home rehab project)?

2. How will you extract the most value out of a home?

3. How will you find the best contractors to work on your house?

4. How will you manage the repair plan, keeping it on time and on budget?

Extracting Value

1. Do you know how to market a property for sale?

2. Do you know how to interview realtors to find the right one for you?

Selling Home

1. If you have a current real estate business, could you realistically sell it today? If so, how much would it be worth? If you can't sell it, why not?

2. Do you want to create a business that can be sold or passed down to your children or business partners?

3. Do you know how to fix and flip real estate in good markets?

4. Do you know what real estate business opportunities exist in down markets?

5. Do you know the warning signs that indicate the market is going to correct soon? What will you do when you see these signs?

6. When something does not go according to plan, who will you call to get help?

Rinse and Repeat

1. What is the highest value and best use of your time?

2. How do you have your day structured? Is there a more efficient way to move through your routines and tasks?

Managing Time

1. What could or should you delegate or other people on your team?

2. When is the right time to add team members and employees?

3. Do you have your accounting team and system set up to plan and accomodate for growth?

4. What is the difference between “growing quickly” and “get rich quick”?

Growing Your Team

These are just a small fraction of the questions new investors must answer when starting out in the fix and flip business. What are your answers? Before going too much further, take some time to actually write out your answers to these questions. It will help you form a clearer picture of skills and tools you need to acquire for success.

Our Company's Core Values

1. Give Back

2. Integrity

3. Leap of Faith

4. Hard Working

5. Answer the phone, call people back, and do what you say you are going to do

Happy Kids, Happy Community! We donate up to $250 in honor of each coaching client to the church or charity of your choice. We believe it is important to share God's’ blessings.

How to complete your first flip

Whether you are thinking about flipping your first house or have done 100 flips, I hope you can find something here that helps your business.

Lead Generation - Most important - if you do not have leads, you will not have any properties to fix and flip. You need to become an expert at buying houses at a discount.

Build a team - Contractors, Realtors, Title Companies, Insurance Agents, Material Providers, Financing Providers, CPA, Lawyer, and more.

Valuable education - Price is important to consider but the main driver should be your goals and what the price to value ratio is. A $99 online course that doesn’t deliver much value is more wasteful than a $30,000+ course that delivers 3x, 5x or, 10x+ in actual value. How much would you invest to change the course of your life or your family’s life?

Have a business plan and invest in your business. Everyone will take you more seriously if you look serious. You do not want your business plan outlined on a paper napkin. When you finish a successful deal, use 10 to 20% of the profit for something that can help grow your business. This year I invested in masterminds (I call them “insurance”), legal advice, accounting advice, technology, and business systems.

Choose the right neighborhood - Better neighborhood = more demand and less theft. I started out with my first flip in a high crime area and made the lowest profit per deal because of it. Remember, don’t just focus on the purchase price (like I did in that first flip). Look carefully at the (purchase price + repair) / (After repair value ratio). (LTV = Loan to Value) Also make sure to analyse the real demand of the area you are investing in.

Buy the house for the right investor price - Don't overpay for the house. You need to hold onto reserve money for the extra costs that are always involved in rehabbing a house. We normally pay 70% or less LTV for our rehab projects.

Scope of work - Get the foundation and plumbing checked out at the beginning of a project, before any other work is done. Make sure the scope of work matches your budget and the demands of the area you are investing in.

Everything in writing - Everything = contracts, change orders, receipts, invoices, etc. When you have everything in writing you will know what was agreed upon instead of everyone trying to remember who agreed to what.

Pay contractors - Pay as the work is completed. Not weekly, not hourly, but only as the work is completed. Find quality, skilled workers who will get the work done well for a fair price. Make sure to have your contractors fill out a W9.

Rehab correctly - Your rehab will not always be your dream house; it should reflect what the market demands. The less rehab you can do, the better it will be for your profit. Also consider: would you put $10K of extra work into a house to gain $10K in profit? No. Your goal is to make money, not to over rehab a home just to show off the pictures!

Thinking - Big thinking = Big results. Change your habits, change your life. Create detailed plans, follow them daily, and read as much as you can.

Five things every new investor needs to think about

Remember: you can make money either by adding value or by ripping people off. Which one will you choose?

Why Why Why - If your “why” is big enough, you will figure out the what, how, when. Make a goal that is bigger than yourself!

Specific goals - Here are some non-specific goals: “I want to make a lot of money,” “I want to flip two houses,” “I want to make $20K.” These goals will not create enough focus to protect you when distractions come your way. You need to identify a very specific destination and work backwards to determine your starting line and route. Use the SMART goal template for all of your goals.

Active and Passive income - Differences and similarities. Active income = working each day, money is made only when you are doing something. Passive income = something else or someone else is helping you make your money. Passive income can include either no active work or some active work. How do you make more active income? You could: Increase your dollars earned per hour, work more hours, or some combination of these. How much extra active income do you need to invest in passive income investments? It depends on your goals, but in order to have passive income investments, you will need to invest your time, money, or both while leveraging a consistent and identified strategy. Passive income includes: rental properties, lending money, home ownership notes, and more.

Time commitment and time organization - How do you spend your time currently? What are you focused on? We each have FIVE (5) audiences in our life = God, Family, Community, Yourself, and Work. How much time do you spend in each area?

How to find the right education program for your goals

At this exact moment, you have a the same amount of time each day and a limited amount of money available. While you can figure out how to increase your money, the time you have each day is fixed. 1,440 minutes a day. This is what every person has.

Remember, no one can guarantee your results - If someone is guaranteeing your exact results, you might want to do more research. I have traveled all over the nation as a member of different real estate masterminds. One thing I have noticed from interviewing and becoming close friends with numerous successful investors is that the more knowledge and skills you gain, the greater opportunities you have for active and passive income. Even working the same number of hours, individuals can increase their income by adding skills that will demand more earned hourly in the marketplace compared to their previous skills. Value = compensation. Your job is to obtain valuable skills and implement them in the marketplace. No one can guarantee your skills will be worth a specified amount, or that by learning something you will automatically reach a certain goal. What I can predict from my own experience is that if you do not increase your skills and knowledge, you will not be able to consistently increase your income.

Types of programs - Self study, One-on-one coaching, Large group classroom, and many more. The type of program that is right for you depends on your goals and your timeline. The more resources you deploy towards your goals, the more potential you have to reach your goals faster. Would you attain your weight lifting goals faster if you trained once a week, or 5 times a week? There are plenty of people out there who want 5 days a week gains with a once a week training program. Whether you choose our program or someone else's, my advice would be to hire a coach, a mentor, or purchase an education program to jumpstart your success. Before I got started in Real Estate, I met an investor who said, “whether you buy my program or not, buy someone's program to accelerate your ability to get started.” None of us can gain more time on earth. I went from knowing nothing about Real Estate to closing over 30 deals in 30 months because I believed in coaching, I invested in coaching, and I implemented the strategies my coach told me to use. Also, find someone who is teaching you the things they have done and have experience with, not just what they have heard about. Lastly, find someone who has the same values as you. Good luck!!

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